Welcome to LivePortal. This interface allows your team to interact with your Cortex platform to execute any process that has been implemented in a flow. A flow can, for example, add a new team member to multiple management systems, or align key data across your entire estate.

  • LivePortal grows with your business: Add new Service Requests to the portal by updating Cortex with newly created flows.
  • Give access to those who need it: LivePortal fully integrates with Active Directory, allowing you to give access to the right person for the job.
  • Customise LivePortal: Tailor the user experience to suit your needs, adjusting the colour scheme or logo as required.
Help and Support

For help on using LivePortal, please click the Help link at the top right hand corner of the page. If you are unable to log in or need further assistance, please contact your Support Team.

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LivePortal is just one of the many solutions that Cortex can offer your business, visit our website for more information.


Perform system administration functions, such as suspending the LivePortal for a planned maintenance window.